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diving head first into the shallow end of the pool

So balancing corporate and do we do that? We have never seemed to get it quite right.

We knew that we wanted to feed our creativity while literally ‘feeding’ us - following our passions, doing something that makes us happy every day, something we could do from anywhere, and adding to our long term income. Because really, we’d rather do this from Italy if at all possible! And let’s be honest, we’re not getting any younger. Granted, we look AMAZING, but it won’t last…lol. And we’re we gonna be working for a helluva long time, let’s be real. Wouldn’t we rather be doing something we really enjoy?

And here we are, with a website hocking our creative wares. Why not? Where do we start? ‘Cause we have GRAND ideas…and we want to create a lot of shit for folks.

So Karen sees the end game of success and freedom and people loving us and our creations and we have an internet following and money falls from the sky and unicorns shitting rainbows.

And Peter sees a cultured, sophisticated following of people that truly appreciate our work and our humor and are waiting with baited breath for our next big thing. And everyone is well dressed.

And me? I said, “Why don’t we start with cards?” lol….

We agreed that starting small is a must. And cards are creative. And frankly, we haven’t found cards that really say what we want to say. In a way that is completely wrong. And hilarious. And beautiful.

So this is us diving in head first. Into the shallow end at that. Totally figures.


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