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Are we fit for public consumption? Look out Long Beach Comic Con!

Well we're one week out from Long Beach Comic Con....yikes! It's our first public outing with The Twisted Tongue and we're excited and, I'm not gonna lie, I'm a little nervous. I love our cards (and t-shirts) and hope the con-going public does too :) The lovely ladies of the The Bag Depot (Lesley & Janice) are kindly letting us hang out with them at Booth #1016 as they are big fans of ours - and we are big fans of theirs!

If you stop by and give us your email address we have a free, hand-printed, on-of-a-kind card for you as our way of saying thanks...or... fuck you, which ever you prefer ;) We are looking forward to seeing you!!

The Deets: Long Beach Comic Con

Sept 17-18, Booth #1016

Your Email = 1 Free Card

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