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...and the 'fucks' have it!

No really! That’s what you all wanted – the ‘fuck you’ cards! Long Beach Comic Con was good – everyone who stopped to see us loved the ‘fuck you’ cards, the ‘fuck yeah’ cards and anything else inappropriate. We knew we loved you guys for a reason ☺

Thank you to all of you that stopped by. It was good for us get such great feedback and to confirm that we are on the right track. Well, kinda right…lol. Right in the wrong way? To be honest, we were nervous and you guys were amazingly kind and hilarious and great.

So we are onto more appropriately inappropriate designs. The holidays are coming up and if you are anything like us, there is less excitement and more feelings of ‘Bad Santa’. So in that cheery vein we’ll be coming out with 1 or 2 holiday designs for you to get into the spirit. (If you contact us by mid-October we’ll make sure to get you on the special preview/discount list!)

We are looking into doing more local shows and expect to be at the Encinitas Fall Festival on 11/20/16. As soon as we have a space number we’ll let you know where to find us. There will be more free cards for those joining our tribe and we expect to have a couple more t-shirt designs as well (and not just for the ladies, for the men too). The lovely ladies from The Bag Depot will be on hand with some select designs just in time for the holidays as well!

And for those of you that hate paragraphs but love a good checklist:

  • ‘fuck you’ cards are the clear favorite – you disturbed people!

  • more swearing and curse words coming your way (cards/t-shirts)

  • contact us by mid Oct for special preview/discount for holiday cards

  • Encinitas Fall Festival Show, 11/20, be there or be square

  • thank you, we love you!


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