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Channel your inner bag lady, friends!

Blog post, shmlog post – so much pressure to entertain you weirdos! I’m really just here to shill though…lol. We’ve got bags!

HANDMADE BAGS MUTHAFUCKAS! Our creative muse has sent us into sewing territory and who on earth knew we would end up there?

Oh you over there, you knew?

Shut the eff up!

Check out the bags. They are one of a kind, lots of recycled, re-purposed, up-cycled stuff – you know, all the usual buzzwords. But we’re proud of them. We think you might like them. If not, buy a t-shirt or some cards and get a piece of the action!

We’re working on an upcoming show – I’ll spill the details as soon as we have them. Local, cool, vintage, and makers…sounds amazing, right?!

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