Officially Showing Off!

Oh that giant teaser in the last post about a show? It’s official! We’ll be at the Artifact Show in Vista next Sunday, 4/28 from 10am-4pm. It’s a curated show for makers and for sellers of vintage wares (at least 30 years old). And it’s located in downtown Vista near very good breweries (*cough* Wavelength, Belching Beaver) and some great food as well (*cough* When Pigs Fly, The Flying Pig – so many pigs!).

We’ll be debuting our new handmade purses and bags which we’re really excited about. Each one is unique, 100% handmade, and uses upcycled/recycled materials in some way. We’ll also have our hand-printed, completely inappropriate cards including the new All-Purpose Profanity 5-Pack (who can’t use THAT??). We have more sizes in our ever-popular Fuck You Forever ladies t-shirt and a new design for the Fuck It t-shirt in unisex sizes.

We’ll have a few surprises as well…should you be scared? Maybe a little, lol. Stop by and see us and all the other amazing vendors, even just to say hi (we like you, we really do!)

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