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More Purses & Curses

Where has the summer gone? We had big plans, we were going to get so much done, travel….and now it’s Labor Day Weekend already! How much of that did we do? Um….ZERO. LOL But you know what? The one thing we have been doing is making more purses and pillows for our next show!

The Twisted Tongue will be at Sea Hive in Oceanside for the Second Saturdays Outdoor Market on Saturday, Sept. 14th from 10am-4pm. Along with our new bags, we’ll have old favorites like our completely

inappropriate cards, and just as inappropriate t-shirts (ladies’ and men’s designs because we are equal opportunity inappropriate).

And we are nothing if not trendy – in a speakeasy kinda way! Stop by the booth and give us the secret phrase for a free gift (total shout out to the Captain Charles Kenneth for the inspiration!). We hope to see you at the show – bring us a drink if you think of it…

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